Sample pack

Sample Pack


14 Breakfast Links (10 oz.)
10 Bratwurst Links (28 oz.)
5 Beer Bratwurst Links (14 oz.)
10 Italian Links (28 oz.)
5 Hot Italian Links (14 oz.)
5 German Links (14 oz.)
14 oz Ground Breakfast
14 oz Ground Italian
14 oz Ground Hot Italian
14 oz Ground Chorizo

Product Description

Stock up on a great assortment of BOULDER SAUSAGE® favorites.
The perfect gift or a great way to sample all of our great tasting sausages. Whether it is our Breakfast sausage to get you started in the morning or our Italians to create your family’s favorite dish in the evening, the BOULDER SAUSAGE® sampler has it all for you. Order now and experience the incomparable taste of our sausages.


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