Over 50 years with the same recipe, same Boulder roots, same commitment to quality service

We've been making sausage for a long time.

How the Sausage Is Made

What Makes Boulder Sausage So Good?

Don used only the finest cuts of lean pork, seasoned with all nature spices, with no MSG or preservatives. That’s exactly how we make Boulder Sausages today.





Every one of our nine great varieties of sausage is prepared to the exact standards Don set forth. Choose from our delicious Breakfast Links, Orange-Cranberry Breakfast Sausage, traditional Bratwurst Links, Beer Bratwurst, Hot and Mild Italian Sausages, Hatch Green Chili Sausages, German Sausage links and savory Chorizo Sausages.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe our customers place a high priority on preparing and serving healthy options to their valued family and friends…they care to serve only the best and without sacrificing taste.
  • We believe sausage can be healthy and taste great…contrary to popular belief.
  • We believe we should treat all of our customers like they are part of our family.
  • We believe our employees are our greatest asset.

Taste the Difference
Quality Makes

  • 100% Premium lean pork shoulder only—never any fatty, substandard cuts of meat.
  • 100% All Natural spices—no MSG, preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers of any kind.
  • No water added.
  • All-natural casings, for that perfect snap and real sausage flavor when you take a bite.
  • Always sold fresh, NEVER FROZEN!

In the fall of 1961, Don Olk moved to Boulder, Colorado from Wisconsin. He brought with him a real talent for making delicious sausages and some great recipes that he had acquired from his father, who learned the art of making quality sausages in his hometown in Germany.

After moving to Colorado, Don started a small meat market/delicatessen featuring his own mouthwatering sausages and other meat products such as salami, corned beef, pastrami, and cheese products. Don called his delicatessen/meat market “Don’s Cheese and Sausage Mart.” It was located at 1908 Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado.

From 1963 to 1987, Don’s Cheese and Sausage Mart continued to attract customers from all over Boulder County with lunch specials featuring his homemade Bratwurst sandwich, freshly-made warm German Potato Salad, and his own secret recipe baked beans. During this time, Don’s Cheese and Sausage Marts expanded with stores in Denver, Broomfield, Longmont, Ft. Collins, and Greeley. Don’s Cheese and Sausage Marts were fast becoming one of Colorado’s favorite lunchtime establishments.

By 1985, Don’s Cheese and Sausage Marts were under new ownership and decided to branch into selling wholesale sausage to local grocery stores under the name of “Boulder Sausage Company.”

In 1989, GBS Partners, Inc., purchased Boulder Sausage Company and today proudly produces and sells Don’s great recipes under the BOULDER SAUSAGE label.

In 1994, BOULDER SAUSAGE moved into a new facility in Louisville, Colorado in the heart of Boulder County. BOULDER SAUSAGE continues to upgrade equipment and procedures to continue producing the best sausage products in Colorado. BOULDER SAUSAGE takes great pride in their emphasis on operating in full compliance with the SSOP/HAACP program as outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Although Don is no longer with us, his dreams and products live on in BOULDER SAUSAGE. GBS Partners feels very strongly about carrying on the company’s heritage and commitment to quality, freshness and flavor that Don established over 50 years ago.