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Serving Up Tasty Sausage & Bacon!

We are committed to providing our customers with sausage and bacon that tastes great and is healthier too.

We treat our customers like they are part of our own family. Serving healthy options to our families and your family is very important to us. If it isn’t good enough for our family, it isn’t good enough for yours. We strive for a system of balance, emphasizing the value of meat, milk, grain, bread, vegetables and fruits. We create products that don’t contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients, leaving us with a fresh product for our consumers.

Traditional, real food allows us the gifts of nourishment and pleasure, and taste is certainly an important factor in what we choose to have in our diet. BOULDER SAUSAGE uses only natural ingredients like spices, the leanest cuts of pork and we don’t add any type of fillers. Look at the ingredients label for a processed, packaged food, chances are you won’t have a clue what some of the ingredients are. When you read the label on our packages, you will find that you can pronounce every ingredient on the list.

Family Matters

We know that for many of you, your family comes first.  Serving your family fresh food and with natural ingredients can be challenging with so many options and hidden mystery ingredients.  When you want to serve the best, we want to make it easy for you. We want you to be confident in your buying decision that what you serve is tasty and healthy, but also safe for your family members with allergy concerns and dietary restrictions.

Tastier Products

We’ve been handcrafting our sausage using only the finest ingredients and the same authentic German recipe since Don opened his doors nearly 60 years ago. As Colorado’s #1 local sausage brand, we strive to craft a product that delivers actual value to our consumers. Everything from the ingredients (or lack of…), to hand crafting our sausage in small-batches, to our commitment to Never Frozen, helps us deliver a healthier and fresher product line that tastes great too!


Family is what motivates us, ours and yours. Our promise is that we never use ingredients that we wouldn’t serve our own families.


BOULDER SAUSAGE has been around since 1962! We think that’s because we’ve always done things the natural and healthy way.


We use only the finest ingredients in our sausage and bacon. It’s simply delicious, why mess with it?!

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Colorado's #1 Local Sausage!

Boulder Sausage - Tastier. HEALTHIER. Fresher.


Finally, a healthier sausage & bacon that tastes great too!


Any fresher and you'd be making it yourself!

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