Price vs. Value

Food budgets can be a concern with the rising cost of food. Most consumers want to receive the most quantity and quality products they can afford. For most consumers price by itself is not the key factor when a purchase is being considered. This is because most customers compare all the products offered by several companies and do not simply make their purchase decision based solely on a product’s price.

Value refers to the perception of benefits received for what someone must give up. Since price often reflects an important part of what someone gives up, a consumer’s perceived value of a product will be affected by pricing and what they get for that price.

Where sausage is concerned the difference between price and value can make a lot of difference. Many sausage companies offer larger per ounce packages (gross weight) as a way to convince consumers that they are getting the most for their money. However, it is the net weight (the weight after a product has been cooked) that provides the true value.

For example, a 16-ounce package of sausage before cooking (gross weight) could only be 10-14 ounces (net weight) after cooking that same sausage. This 2-6 ounce loss is due to the high fat content, additives, and fillers that have been added to the product. So, the consumer is only getting 10-14 ounces of actual product although they paid for 16 ounces.

BOULDER SAUSAGE respects your dollars! We choose to offer the consumer exactly what the package says, 14 ounces. We use premium, lean cuts of pork and we don’t add any fillers or additives to our products to inflate the weight, not even water. When the consumer purchases a package of our sausage, they can be sure they are getting the most for their hard earned dollars.

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