Boulder Sausage Contests:

The official rules for the current Boulder Sausage Sweepstakes are defined in the following document.
By participating or entering into any of our contests, you agree to the Official Sweepstakes Rules as defined here.

Boulder Sausage Official Sweepstake Rules

The above Official Sweepstakes Rules are specific to our most current sweepstakes. Copies of previous sweepstakes rules are available by request. 

  • N/A
  • Traeger Grill Sweepstakes: 8/21/2018 – 11/4/2018; WINNER: Ryan S.


GBS Partners, Inc. DBA Boulder Sausage and all of their affiliates are not responsible or liable for claims regarding any contests, broken or damaged prizes, misuse, or maintaining any responsibility upon receipt of the prize. All items are gifts to be received as is. Winner(s) and all entrants agree to release all liability and forfeit any legal action(s) upon entering the contest.