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Boulder Sausage Reviews

I have been buying Boulder Sausage for years.  We moved out of state… I tried other brands but my spaghetti was not the same.  I was thrilled when I found out that I could buy online.  I was a little surprised at the shipping cost until they came and in 100◦ temps we didn’t notice the box. Yet, when I opened the container the next morning the sausages were still frozen solid! I made a big batch of spaghetti and I was in heaven.  Thank you so much for selling online. writes Cynthia T.

I actually come from the UK and this is the first time I’ve found something thats as good as my favorite Cumberland sausage, I think I might be addicted to them though lol. I am on a Keto diet currently so they are just perfect with some Slaw and Avocado, just love them.Anonymous

This is the best tasting sausage known to man and I’m from cheese and sausage country, good ole’ Wisconsin. We cook it and make meals out of it, or cook up a package for snacking. I’m almost 80 and we’ve eaten a ton of ‘regular’ Boulder SausageMary P.

Receiving my order caused a happy dance by everyone in my family! (Okay, its true the teenagers thought I was crazy). Then came the lasagna and zupa tuscana! Anonymous

Our second order since moving to Florida in 6 months. I love knowing we can have our favorite sausage all the time! Thank you!! Lissa B.

Boulder sausage is the best out there. I recommend your products to all my friends, family and co-workers. Your product and delivery are second to none. Thank You. Anonymous

What our customers are saying

Outstanding flavor! Boulder Sausage’s flavor is really good. The blend of spices they use gives it a much better flavor than most other sausages. –Peggy C.

We choose Boulder [Sausage] because they stand for quality and they are Boulder. Local.”  –Rick F.

Local [Boulder Sausage] is more responsible. It’s a commitment to the community. And it feels like someone is producing the product for their family.–Paula S.

Unique flavor. There’s never been any other sausage I’ve tried that has the flavor that Boulder [Sausage] has. –Kristin P.

“[Boulder Sausage does] Not [have] a lot of fat. I always look to see how much fat you have to skim off meat and there’s never a lot. I don’t like to feed my family fatty stuff.” –Shannon P.

Boulder Sausage is not cheap, but the value is worth it. I pay more for higher quality because you know what you are getting and it’s certainly not out of budget. –Anonymous

The lack of Styrofoam makes me think Boulder Sausage is environmentally friendly because you can recycle part of the package.”  –Melanie E.

Really authentic. The true flavors I would hope for. It gets as close to that original butcher store sausage from my childhood. That’s why I stick with it! –Mike N.

Real Ingredients! It’s a trusted brand. –Mark R.

[Boulder Sausage is] all natural all the time. –Kristin P.

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THANK YOU from NC! 🙂

Posted by Mark Boles on Thursday, November 14, 2019

I like them ALL so much that I usually cook the patties & breakfast sausage for breakfast and throw some links on our grill [for dinner]! BEGIN and END the day HAPPY! 👏😍👐 – Sherel M. via Instagram

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