At Boulder Sausage, we are extremely honored to be recognized as an accredited and valued business by both the community and professional organizations. We believe that being a good corporate citizen isn’t just about being sustainable, responsible, and doing right by the community. It’s about creating true value for our consumers by producing products that they can trust and be proud to serve. Not only do we stand behind our products, but we go the extra mile to certify it. We’re thrilled to share a few of these with you! Just another way we build trust in our consumers and maintain our commitment to transparency.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a third-party organization that monitors and scores businesses based on their adherence to general business practices. The goal of the BBB is to simply encourage an ethical market place where buyers and sellers can trust each other. We are honored to be an A+ rated business!

Cost Containment

Safety is a priority at Boulder Sausage and we don’t just say it, we truly mean it. We are built on a foundation of safety that not only improves the lives of our employees but also keeps costs low for our business and ultimately our consumers.


Boulder Sausage not only adheres to the strictest regulations set forth by the USDA, but we’ve elected to house a full-time USDA inspector on-site. Additionally, we closely follow the HACPP food safety program and conduct yearly audits (via an independent 3rd party). Click above to learn more…

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