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Who knew a tasty treat could be so healthy?!

Colorado’s #1 Local Sausage Brand*



We’ve been handcrafting our sausage using only the finest ingredients and the same authentic German recipe since Don opened his doors nearly 60 years ago. Give us a try and see why we’re Colorado’s #1 Local Sausage Brand.*




Boulder Sausage is made in small batches using only premium lean cuts of pork and all-natural spices. Our sausage is made without Nitrates, Nitrites, or MSG and we never add any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers.




When you purchase our sausage you receive the highest quality and most nutrient dense product possible. That’s because our products are made and delivered to your local market FRESH, never frozen, and always preservative free.


About Us

Boulder Sausage began as Don’s Cheese and Sausage Mart on Boulder’s iconic Pearl Street in 1962. Nearly 60 years later, Boulder Sausage continues to deliver the same authentic German recipe. Boulder Sausage is handcrafted in small batches with only premium lean cuts of pork and blended with all natural spices. We are committed to consistently delivering a tastier, healthier, and fresher product line that you can trust and be proud to serve to your valued kin.

Why Boulder Sausage
Taste for Yourself

Where to buy

Boulder Sausage products can be purchased in the meat section at these major Colorado retailers:


Cooking Fresh Boulder Sausage Products

In a Pan

In a pan

WIn a pan at medium heat with a small amount of EVOO or water (to avoid sticking). Do not cover with a lid. Rotate/stir occasionally. Cook for approximately 15-18 minutes (approximately 12 minutes for breakfast links).

On the Grill

On the grill

On the grill over medium heat with lid closed for 15-18 minutes. Flipping occasionally.

In the Oven

In the oven

In the oven at 350° with a small amount of oil to avoid sticking. Cook for approximately 15-18 minutes (approximately 12 minutes for breakfast links).

For optimum flavor we never recommend boiling or microwaving our product. Our sausages may stick due to the low fat content of the products. Regardless of cooking method, ensure internal product temp reaches 160° before consuming.

Visit our Recipes page for tons of dishes & great ideas

* #1 Brand Claim based of 2019 Nielsen Answers Data for the Colorado Grocery Market.
† Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork

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