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Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just diet and exercise.

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We only use real food ingredients and no preservatives.

Taste the difference

Finally, a healthier bacon and sausage!

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Health and nutrition, convenience, balance, leisure, simple ingredients...

What the Community is Saying

Hear first hand from our friends and neighbors.

“The bacon is seriously the best I have ever bought. Amazing!!”

Christina Zwinky Finkel

“I love the new paper tray packaging for the ground sausage!!”

Tracey Baccari

“I am a huge fan of all the Boulder Sausage products. I just bought two boxes, breakfast links and Italian, at Costco. Love your new label. It is bright and easy to read. Great job! ”

Alfred McElwain

“I’ve tried all the bratwursts in the local grocery stores and Boulder Sausage Company brats taste is a cut about the others. They are reminiscent of the bratwurst I used to eat when I lived in Germany as a child. ”

Mark Hagen

“My family loves all of your products but the chorizo is my favorite!”

Kimberly Cordts

“I make zucchini soup featuring Boulder Sausage! My house smells amazing!”

Shannon Knobel

“Your cranberry and orange sausage is the bomb!! So tasty!”

Robin Howe
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Tasty Recipes

Organically sourced from community.

February 16, 2018

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara Ingredients: 1/2 lb of Boulder Sausage bacon, sliced intopieces about 1/4 inch thick by 1/3…
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February 16, 2018

Baked Chorizo Taquitos

Baked Chorizo Taquitos  Ingredients: 1 package Boulder Sausage Chorizo 1 onion, finely chopped 1 Orange…
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