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Continuing our blog series, we’d like to share some images of the Boulder Sausage family, and their thoughts about the company and the products that we produce.

Boulder Sausage employee pointing to logo on his shirt
It’s always a team effort to make something great that we all believe in. We have pride in what we do and we’re serious about having fresh meat shipped to market the next day so it never has to be frozen.”
Boulder Sausage employee pointing to building sign
We have great values! Loyalty to making the best product, to our customers, employees and community. Very conscientious of impact and yet simple in it’s desire to create good food!”
Boulder Sausage employee in front of building
We live in a world where so many companies are just focused on maximizing their bottom line and will cut corners or do whatever they can to do so, at the expense of their customers. Boulder Sausage is absolutely not that way. We are wholehearted and committed to creating an exceptional product that WOW’s the customer.”
Boulder Sausage employee in front of building
As soon as I interviewed with the company I knew the values aligned with mine and the company culture fit my personality. It felt like a team of people I knew I’d love to work with and a company I’d want to grow with.”
Boulder Sausage employee in front of building

The company was started on a great product that has been able to stand on its own. Customers don’t need to be sold on our sausage, they just need to taste it.”

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