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Meat the Boulder Sausage team!

Part 1

Boulder Sausage has a long history of providing wholesome, simply crafted meals. In our first incarnation as Don’s Cheese and Sausage Mart, we served delicious and filling lunches, and although our business model has changed, our recipes and our commitment to our original values has not. It’s been quite some time since Don’s Cheese and Sausage mart evolved into the Boulder Sausage Company that you love today, and we want to take some time to showcase the day-to-day teammates that make your favorite healthy sausage and bacon products so special.

Founded on the ideal that “your health is your wealth,” we’ve always placed a tremendous priority on treating our employees, vendors, and customers as family. We’ve made every effort to maintain a healthy, trusted, and genuine brand without compromising on taste, quality, freshness, or healthfulness. To that end, we’ve kept true to all of Don’s original recipes, except for the removal of sugar from the majority of our product line.

With this in mind, we’d like to share with you some images of the Boulder Sausage family, and their thoughts about the company and the products that we produce.

Welcome to Boulder Sausage
“It is an incredible place to work with ownership that values each employee. We are able to see specific ways to each play a role in how the business works and flows. From the receiving door to the shipping floor- from blending to spending- from greeting to eating- we all play specific roles.”
Boulder Sausage staff casually chat
The Boulder Sausage office staff work hard to ensure that the day to day operations go smoothly and that everyone is well equipped to create the best product possible.
Boulder Sausage staff working together
“With a careful eye for details, we’re always focused on our founding principal, that your health is your wealth. We strive to make every decision with this ideal in mind.”
Staff meet to go over product quality reports
“We’re constantly striving to be ahead of the curve and to keep our ingredients simple and fresh.”
Boulder Sausage admin
“It is a company that cares about the consumer and its employees. We really take pride in producing a product that is healthy and natural.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 which showcases our production team!

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