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The Big German Brat!

By August 26, 2013Beer Bratwurst, Recipes

The Big German Brat


1 pack BOULDER SAUSAGE brand Beer Bratwurst

5 hoagie rolls

1 package sauerkraut

Brown spicy mustard

Schneider Weisse (German Beer)


1. Wrap hoagies in foil and warm in oven.

2. Pour one Schneider Weisse into a saucepan and bring to a slow simmer.

3. Pre-heat George Foreman Grill. Simmer BOULDER SAUSAGE brand Beer Bratwurst for 10-15 minutes. DO NOT PRICK!!! Set aside.

4. Discard all but 1/2 cup of beer from saucepan. Put sauerkraut in pan and back on to heat.

5. When the sausage is a nice brown and lightly crisp, take the hoagies out of the oven. Load the hoagie with Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, lots of mustard, and a beer on the side. Enjoy!

Submitted by: J. Bolen

Prep Time: 10 minutes  –  Cook Time: 20 minutes  –  Total Time: 30 minutes  –  Yield: Serves 4-6

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