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Nitrates and Nitrites – Why Eating Natural Matters

Imagine it: waking up to the sound of a sizzle, and the smell of your favorite sausage or bacon wafting through the air. It’s a perfect start to the morning, right? Well… maybe. Beginning your day with a scrumptious breakfast definitely helps your day go great, but some meats help more than others. Specifically, when your breakfast contains lean meat with no nitrates and nitrites, you know that you’re starting the day with a blast of nutritious flavor.

But what are Nitrates and nitrites? These words may be unfamiliar to many breakfasters, but they’re not uncommon in the foods that fill grocery store shelves. It’s simply that most companies don’t like to talk about them.

Nitrates and nitrites are chemicals that many manufacturers add to their food to change the color and to prolong shelf life.

It’s part of the way that heavily processed foods are made, and something that’s very common in many bacon and sausage products. These chemicals are bad for our environment and bad for our customers. When ingested nitrates and nitrites can also increase the risk of cancer and other diseases, and can contaminate drinking water. The effect is especially pronounced in small children.

One of the most common bits of advices for avoiding nitrates and nitrites is to minimize your consumption of foods such as sausages and bacon. So what are we do to for our morning munchies? Slap some Boulder Sausage on the griddle, of course! Boulder Sausage products, including our bacon, are made without any synthetic nitrates or nitrites. That’s why we proudly display our ingredient labels on our website as well as our products. We use only premium cuts of lean pork and the same delicious spices that you keep in your kitchen cupboard. With Boulder Sausage products, you know that you’re starting your morning with a healthy breakfast that your family will love to eat.

We like to say, “Your health is your wealth,” and we mean it. Everyone at Boulder Sausage is fully committed to providing not only the tastiest sausage around, but also the healthiest, heartiest, and freshest foods for your family. So go ahead, go back for seconds, and feel great that you’re starting your day clean and natural.

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