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Companies who add water are hurting their consumers

Is added water hurting you?

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If you’ve read the ingredient label on a food package, you’ve probably seen “water” more times than not, and never thought twice. I mean after all, water is natural and we’re taught if you can recognize and pronounce all the ingredients, you’re good to go. WRONG! Water is commonly added as an ingredient in creating many food products, especially sausage, and it’s NOT to your benefit…

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Boulder Sausage and Pieno Pasta Green Chile Sausage Cream

Creamy Hatch Green Chile – Gluten Free

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Whether you’re gluten free or not, we can all agree that most gluten free dishes don’t frequently taste very good and it’s not fair to anyone! Why should you be punished just because you have Celiac, gluten intolerance, or avoid gluten? And even though you’ve probably found yourself sucking it up and powering through those awful gluten free meals, your friends and family (who LOVE gluten) aren’t. So once again, your stuck making and eating “special” dishes – that don’t even taste good. It’s just not fair! So we set out on a mission to craft a series of completely Gluten Free dishes that everyone will enjoy, gluten free or not. To do this, we partnered with Boulder based Pieno Pasta – a shelf stable gluten free pasta. Give it a try and be the talk of the neighborhood at your next potluck with this mouthwatering dish, that’ll have everyone questioning if it was even gluten free.

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Gluten Free Carbonara + Boulder Sausage + Pieno Pasta

Fully Gluten Free Carbonara

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Finally! A 100% Gluten Free Carbonara that actually tastes good and it might even be a little healthier too. At Boulder Sausage, we believe food should be about bringing people together, without sacrificing taste. If either you, family members, or friends are affected by Gluten, you know how hard it can be to find products & recipes that everyone will truly enjoy, whether they are Gluten Free or not. So, we partnered with Pieno Pasta (details below) to create real Gluten Free recipes that everyone will enjoy.

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